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THRON is reported
in Forrester
Vendor Landscape Report 2017


THRON is listed among the Marketing DAM solutions



Forrester Vendor Landscape Report 2017 positions THRON among DAM solutions, along with just a few others in Europe.

We hope that Italy is as proud of us as we are. We brought the inspiring “Made in Italy” concept into the Digital Asset Management market, along with cars, fashion and food. We created the Intelligent DAM to help Marketing and Sales teams boost their digital initiatives to scale content engagement, increase lead generation, and maximize customer retention.

THRON is precisely a strategic tool for Marketing, thanks to its ability to enable brands to:

  • efficiently control and deliver content across all digital channels, removing content duplication
  • understand content meaning to identify users' interests.
DAM Vendors, 2017


why thron CAN BE the right solution

According to Forrester’s Vendor Landscape Report 2017, five key-factors will disrupt the DAM market as it evolves:

1) cloud deployments;
2) convergence with other digital experience solutions;
3) analytics capabilities to measure content performance;
4) integration to support flexibility;
5) machine learning to support metadata.

THRON is ready for the market disruption, since it has an answer for every of these factors. Below you can find the details.


  1. Cloud deployments THRON’s native feature

THRON was originally built on a modern cloud computing and elastic architecture, thanks to which it became a Case History for Amazon Web Services worldwide, the leading Vendor on Cloud Computing Infrastructure.
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  1. Convergence with other digital experience solutions: THRON is the only DAM in the market with integrated delivery services

It is ready for integration with a CMS or front-end system.
You can forget about compatibility problems and content duplication. THRON is able to adapt your content on any type of device. Moreover, thanks to an online editor, you can customize layout and style of your digital assets and maximize your brand consistency.


  1. Analytics capabilities to measure content performance: THRON’s Content Intelligence

THRON can measure content’s omni-channel performances. Thus, it can understand how content influences conversions and results.

These features are essential for the Digital Marketing team. In fact, it is able to determine:

  • which content performed best for which Call-to-Action
  • how content moved your customers across their Buyer’s Journey
  1. Integration to support flexibility: powerful Marketplace and online interactive APIs

THRON’s intelligent DAM is provided via Software as a Service and lets you integrate THRON with Third Party Systems (APIs, connectors, embed scripts or html tag integrations) on your own.

For more information, we suggest you to take a look here: and


  1. Machine learning to support metadata: own Artificial Intelligence

Own artificial Intelligence engines are originally embedded in THRON: this is why it is one step ahead of every other DAM solution.

It is able to extract users’ interests from their behaviour, through taxonomies. Moreover, these taxonomies adapt themselves to users’ language: thus, content tagging always improves, by tracking consumers’ actions.

On the other hand, editors will not have to manually maintain the engines every day.

THRON is the critical tool your brand needs to

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Adapt content in real time and send relevant CTAs
  • Have insights on what worked best during every buyer’s journey
  • Reduce operating costs and optimize resources
  • Centralize digital assets control and rights management


Forrester Vendor Landscape DAM 2017